The Orphan Children gathering waste papers and rags and those working as cleaners in hotels and canteens, begging on railway platforms and bus stations will be gathered and rehabilitated in a Rehabilitation Home with food, shelter, medical care etc. Besides literacy will be taught to them. For the Orphan children aged above 12 years of age, education and vocational training will be provided to them so as to enable them to become skilled workers, after the training. They will be provided training in carpentry, Nawar making, Agarbathi making, Plastic cane works, blacksmithy etc.

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Old Age Home

In the changing socio-economic situation, the problems of the aged and the infirm are becoming more complex today. In India, the aged population constitutes about 6.5% of total population. A large portion of aged is living in the villages where the poverty is wide spread. The young people seeking employment outside the villages tend to leave the elderly persons unattended in the villages. The elderly are left in isolation and loneliness. They develop a feeling of guilt and inferiority due to dependence and dejection.

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Leprosy Project

Leprosy or Hansen’s disease is one of the world’s oldest diseases. Ancient Hindu scriptures make specific references to Leprosy, while Ayurvedic texts of  the 6th Century BC note the symptoms of Leprosy.  The ancient Manusmriti also discusses Leprosy while laying down the rules and regulations governing  marriage. However, in spite of its ancient history, Leprosy as a disease is largely misunderstood, in all its aspects including its etiology, causation, means of transmission and its curability.

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