Adult literacy programs to spread the importance of education for the people in remote areas.
Aids awareness programs to educate people about AIDS and how to prevent
Health and hygiene awareness programs
Child literacy programs
Rural development programs
De-addiction programs
Women Welfare
Educational programs

Awareness of Dalit empowerment

We have organized 10 Awareness Camps for Dalits on Dalit empowerment. There are 500 educated youth, Dalit employees and village elders have participated in this Camp.

The Resource Persons are invited from the local course and Dalit activities. The Resource Persons are explained about untouchability and its Act Schedule Castes, Scheduled Tribes Atrocity Act, the constitutional and legal rights as well as privileges to the Dalits. In addition to the above, the Resource Persons are explained about the Govt. development activities such as National Rural Employment Generation Programme (NREGS), Arogyasree, Indiramma Houses, Indira Kranthi Pathakam and other schemes to the Dalits. The Resource Persons are advised that since ages, social suppressions and economic exploitation has been continuing on Dalits so that they are training behind them other communities in all aspects. Hence, it is necessary to organize Dalit into groups and collectively fight for the social justice and empowerment.

Cultural programme

We have organized Cultural programmes in 20 villages. The Cultural team was performed Road place, street place and kalajathas. In order to eradicate blind believes dowry, over children, domestic violence, untouchability and gender disparities etc. Due to lack of awareness still many of rural people believing all diseases generating Gods and demigods. Hence, they are cutting cocks, ram lambs and the buffalos in order to console the gods and demigods. So that they are spending a lot of money and victimizing for rural indebtedness. The people are feared to get family planning operations because of lack of awareness and roomers. So that they are getting more children and facing problems to maintain their families in addition to the above still many of the rural women victimizing for physical and sexual harassments by the male counterparts and some of the social evils. In order to liberate the rural poor from the clutches of blind believes exploitation of the local magicians, gods, and demigods our Cultural team has clarified their doubts and generated awareness among the people in rural areas.

Literacy programme

We have started 15 Adult Education Centers in 15 villages of Ieja and Alampur Mandals of Mahabubnagar District, in order to eradicate illiteracy and prepare them as literates. Due to illiteracy majority of the rural women not aware of the rights and privileges which are available from the Govt. for their prosperity and development. Consequently, they are victimizing for exploitation Domestic violence, physical and sexual harassments, in order to liberate them from the clutches of exploitation and harassments. The organization was started in 15 villages distributed slates and pencils for 350 illiterate women. In addition to the above the women organizers, teaching about Govt programmes, rights or privileges of women, domestic violence early marriages problem with our children, reproductive child health, child care methods, postnatal, intranatal and antenatal care to the women illiteracy centers. All women can write their signatures and 5% of the learners can read and write small words. The village elders and local Govt. officers, as well as teachers, appreciate the organization and its activities.

Awareness on Child Labour

Due to poverty over children and lack of awareness on family planning, most of the rural parents giving birth for more children. So that their daily earnings not sufficient to maintain their families fulfill their basic recurring needs. Hence, parents need an additional amount to maintain their families. In order to get an additional income, the parents have stopped studies of their children and are sending to the daily labour. They were working in factories tobacco companies, cotton feeds, domestic servants and other health hazard sectors. Consequently, they were victimizing for ill health and chronic diseases and facing death at an early stage or becoming as permanent chronic patient and leading miserable life in the society. In order to eradicate child labour and enlighten their bright future, we are organized 20 Awareness Camps on child rights to the parents in 20 villages by the help of local experts, Advocates and child rights protection activities. More than 4500 people and children for participated in these camps and appreciated a lot to the organization for providing this opportunity.

Free coaching for Dalit and poor students

We have organized a free coaching training course on EAMCET to Dalits and other poor students. The purpose of the training course is to get eligibility to study higher studies such as Engineering, Medical and Agricultural Colleges. We have provided free coaching for 30 students, out of them 5 have got admission in Medical colleges, 15 have got admission in Engineering Colleges and 8 have got in Agricultural Colleges. But, due to lack of funds, we are unable to continue this programme with our own expenses.

Tree Plantation

We have organized Environmental awareness programme in 10 villages and explained the need and necessity to develop plants in their villages and also protect the existing forests around their villages. We have collected 800 shop lings namely, Tamarind, Guava, Gooseberry, Neem, Eucalyptus and other local forest department and distributed to the villages. All people transplanted shop lings in front of their houses and backsides by digging pits and also formed fences with thorny bushes and small sticks.

Capacity building training courses to grassroots level NGOs.

We have organized 3 days training course for grassroots level Non-governmental organizations in Kurnool District. The purpose of the training courses was to generate and explained in the rural areas on Domestic violence and child marriage acts. Due to lack of awareness most of the women victimizing for various types of harassments and also they don’t aware marriage act by the help of local Advocates and women rights activities, the domestic violence act 2005 and marriage act 2005 have been explained to the participants and provided education materials in this regard to all the participants. There are 55 NGOs heads have been attended to this training course. After the training course the NGOs Chief functionaries and staff members making efforts and generating awareness about these two acts among the rural women.

Distribution of Educational Materials

The organization was distributed educational materials such as slates, slate pencils, pens, pencils, school bags, notebooks, textbooks and other educational materials for 221 Children. These children are very poor and belonging into the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and other weaker sections.

Due to frequent droughts, their parents were not getting daily labour, so that, they have migrated to the nearest villages and towns, in order to earn their daily bread. At this critical juncture, their school going children have stopped to go to school, because they were not having books. This matter brought into the notice of the Secretary & Correspondent, he was organized General body meeting and decided to distribute to the poor children in 10 villages of Kallur, Kurnool and Kodumur Mandals in Kurnool District.

Legal Awareness training courses

We have organized 7 para Legal training courses for rural youth of both genders. The purpose of these training courses was to inculcate legal awareness among the Dalit and other depressed and suppressed communities in the Society. The Resource Persons are invited from experienced NGOs and local leading Advocates. The Resource Persons are explained about how to write Dava, what is Fire difference between the judicial custody and Police custody difference between the cognizable and non-cognizable, what is CRPC (Criminal procedure code), IPC (Indian Pinal Code) different types of Courts their powers, functioning system and how much years, they can furnish etc. The participants were very happy expressed their thanks and gratitude to the organization for providing the most useful training course to them.

Formation of Self-Help Groups

We have motivated rural women in Kallur Mandal for 25 groups of 250 women have become as members and formed 25 Self Help Groups. They have selected group leaders and opened Bank Accounts in their local banks. The organization was provided capacity building training course on management and sustainability of the Self-help groups. The Resource Persons are explained above the concept of the SHGs need of savings, internal lending system, micro income generating activities, bookkeeping, maintaining of registers and records, loan repayment system and sustainability of the SHGs.

Welfare Activities

The organization has provided Clothes and food commodities for 92 grandparents (old age people). Further free Medical Camp was conducted and provided free Medicines, free health checkup and given treatment to them.

Skill development training course

The organization has organized a one-year skill development training course on “Tailoring and Embroidery, Cell phone Mechanism and Computer Education (DTP) training courses for 95 rural youth (both gender). Now all these trainees have been completed the training course and working in private and Govt. Schools, Colleges, and Officers. Out of 95 trained youth, 18 have been started their own units in Kurnool and Adoni Cities as well as in their own villages.

Awareness on the Right to Information Act

For a long time, the people want to get information on various developmental activities and policies of the Governments. But the Govt. officers were not giving proper information about their activities, schemes, and policies. So that the people were suffered a lot by the irregular behaviour and negligence of the Govt. officers by various types of efforts and struggles of the social reformers humanitarians and dedicated Govt. officers as well as political leaders, the Govt. identified the need and the necessity to provide information in all aspects to the people. Consequently the information Act was born in the year 2005, still, a majority of the people not aware of the Information Act, so that, they are not getting information according to their needs. In order to avert the above problem our organization has been conducted an awareness campaign in 15 villages and explained how to get needful information with the help of the Right to Information Act 2005. There are 250 youth, village elders, farmers and women have participated in the Awareness Camps.

Awareness on Herbal Medicines

Before Allopathy and Modern health treatment our elders were getting and healing all the diseases by using herbal medicines such as roots, leaves and other plants. In the present modern society not aware of the herbal medicines and its benefits, so that the people are spending lot of money for medical tests and treatment. So that they are financial selling much loss and through them in debts. In order to avert the above problem the Resource Persons are explained about the importance of the herbal medicines and its benefits to the people, by using honey, mixed in lime juice, the weight of the body will be reduced, by taking Nelavusiri the sugar will be control and other herbal plants and its benefits to the people.

Medical Camps

The organization has organized 5 free Medical Camps on HIV/AIDS/STD and other communicable deceases. The local Doctors and outside experts have participated has Resource Persons are explained about the cause for the HIV/AIDS/STD preventive methods, benefits of condoms etc. Further blood tests and normal health checkup has been conducted normal health checkup has been conducted and provided free Medicines and Condoms. There are 3524 Men, Women and youth have been attended to these free Medical Camps from various places in Kurnool City.

Environmental Awareness Programme

The organization was organized 4 workshops on Environmental awareness with the help of experts and Forest departments. During these workshops, the Resource Persons are explained about the importance of Forests protection and control of pollution. Due to vast degradation of the Forest pollution from factories and various types of vehicles, the atmosphere was badly changed. Consequently, droughts, scarcity of drinking water, migration and various types of chronic diseases are generating by the effects of climate change. Due to pollution and unexpected rains mainly the formers and Agriculture labourers are victimizing for loss, hunger deaths and the poor formers are commuting suicides in the rural areas. The Resource Persons are advised to the participants that it is very important to take up tree Plantation and protect the existing Forest and also follow the traditional Agriculture methods and also use the organic manures and Fertilizers instead of utilizing chemical Fertilizers. The individual owners and other factories owners have to follow the environmental protection principles and control the pollution which is delivering from their factories, more than 600 farmers 45 Factory owners and Environmental experts NGOs representatives have attended these seminars, workshops and appreciated the organization for conducting these types of useful workshops.

Distribution of Clothes

We have distributed Clothes such as Blankets, Shirts, Paints, and Sarees for 132 families in Alampur Mandal of Mahabubnagar District. There are very poor and not in a position to purchase clothes and fulfill their basic and recurring needs, due to poverty and meager income. Hence, SES has distributed clothes with free of costs. The people are very happy and they have appreciated a lot to the Society.