Care & Support Home With Quality Health Care, Life Skill Education for Orphan Children


The Orphan Children gathering waste papers and rags and those working as cleaners in hotels and canteens, begging on railway platforms and bus stations will be gathered and rehabilitated in a Rehabilitation Home with food, shelter, medical care etc. Besides literacy will be taught to them. For the Orphan children aged above 12 years of age, education and vocational training will be provided to them so as to enable them to become skilled workers, after the training. They will be provided training in carpentry, Nawar making, Agarbathi making, Plastic cane works, blacksmithy etc.

In other works the destitute children will be provided with the following facilities at the Rehabilitation Centre:

  1. To Provide the Basic Services like Shelter, Food, Clothing.
  2. To enable Needy Children with elementary skills to help them be self-dependent and self-reliant.
  3. Minimum Education will be provided to the children at the Orphanage Home.
  4. For Children of 10 Years and above they will be provided with vocational training in handicrafts and other skilled courses. Training in Carpentry, Nawar making, Agarbathi making, Plastic cane works, candle making, (wax), and blacksmithy etc. so that they become skilled workers and earn some skilled job.
  5. Necessary medical care will be provided to them and preventive care will be taken against the attack of Diptheria, Tetanus etc.
  6. Nutritious food will be provided to the children besides sanitation and cleanliness and they will be guided to lead a suitable healthy life.

Primary Theme

Care & Support Home with Quality of Health Care for Orphan Children.

Secondary Theme

Life Skill Education and Vocational Training for Orphan Children.


(A) Food and Education Expenses for 20 Orphan Children: USD $ 11,640.00 (INR 7,76,100)
(B) Accommodation, Salaries, and Maintainance: USD $ 10,080.00 (INR 6,72,000)
Total: USD $ 21,720.00 (INR 14,48,100)

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