Ensuring better life of downtrodden, deprived, disadvantaged and vulnerable sections of the society by ensuring sustainable developments in their educational, social, health and economical status, by ensuring good governance, human rights and gender equality and equity.


To work towards the implementation of the Aims and Objectives of the Stanley Educational Society and its system for the development of downtrodden, deprived, disadvantaged and vulnerable sections of the society through social work, research work, disseminates knowledge to the larger urban and rural community.

Aims & Objectives


  • To create self employment and sustainable livelihood to the poor women and educated youth.
  • To provide free education and coaching for the education development of the socially suppressed and economically exploited groups of the people.
  • To establish colleges and provide higher education for the poor youth in Engineering and Medical courses.
  • To establish coaching center and provide free coaching for rural and urban youth for TTC, B.Ed., ICET and EAMCET, etc.
  • To establish homes for the aged people disabled persons and orphans.
  • To establish the hostels for the working women and domestic violence victims as well as sexually harassed victims.
  • To develop health awareness and provide free medical services to the rural people by establishing community health centers, organize seminars and workshops.
  • To take natural resources development activities.
  • To create awareness about the Govt. policies and developmental activities.
  • To promote and protect human rights.
  • To fight against domestic violence, gender disparities, child marriages, child labor, trafficking girls and young women.
  • To take up relief and rehabilitation activities for the welfare of fire victims, flood victims and victimized for manmade disasters as well as natural calamity disasters.
  • To work for the empowerment of women, dalits and other socially depressed groups of people to organize Legal awareness camps, trainings, seminars and workshops in order to inculcate awareness about the people legal rights and privileges.
  • To establish Balawadis, Anganwadis and day care centers for the health and education development of the children.
  • To establish care and support centers for the welfare of HIV/AIDS infected and affected children, men and women.
  • To establish homes for the development of street children, orphans and mentally retarded children.
  • To fight against the Mathamma (Temple prostitute) system and take up activities for their empowerment and emancipation.
  • To organize workshops and seminars on sustainable agriculture developments.
  • To establish consumer forums, development awareness among the people the consumer rights and privileges.
  • To fight against untouchability and social disparities.
  • To promote Self Help groups, inculcate saving habits among the poor women and develop their economic states by initiating internal lending system.
  • To organize capacity building training for grassroots level NGOs/CBOs. Youth Associations and MMS/Mahila Mandalies etc.


  • To open, run, maintain and continue an Educational, Vocational, Professional and Technical Institutions, Schools and Colleges and give education for boys and girls as per the syllabus approved by the Educational Department of State and Central Government.
  • To make Teachers, Professors, and Instructors, experts of good moral character and capable to impart efficiently and economically update instruction and to help students in modern sciences, industrial avocations, research work, intellectual and other pursuits.
  • To continue Laboratory, Library and Reading Room for the students and those connected with the Society.
  • To provide maintenance and run a Boarding House and Residential accommodation for students and those connected with Society without the profit motive.
  • To acquire playgrounds, library, laboratory, furniture etc., this may be necessary for convenience in fulfilling the purpose of the society.

Socio-Economic Development

  • To undertake multi sectors action projects to improve Literacy, livelihood, health and leadership development viz., to start libraries, adult schools, colleges, feeding centers and of malnutrition children, and non-formal education etc., and to plan and development of women and children in the Tribal and Rural Areas.
  • To construct Old age Homes for the abandoned aged and Orphanages for the poor.
  • To construct Communication and Community halls under the Minority control for the development of our society spiritually and mentally.
  • To provide a forum for the rural development of women schedulers to undertake systematic and scientific studies and felled ex-premonition and to function as this centers as a research body, training, and extension of the rural reconstruction.
  • To conduct and participate in seminars, study circles, camps, fields, trips, lectures, conferences, statistical, economic and sociological surveys, and research programs of the Society.
  • To implement the Minorities schemes, aids, projects funded by the Government, Non-Government organizations and other organizations.
  • To print and publish books, tracts, periodicals, and magazines to give awareness to people in different fields.
  • To conduct the child labor schools and adopts the poor orphan children’s.
  • To open, run, maintain and continue training schools for the upliftment of the youth and women in the rural and tribal areas.


  • To open, run, maintain and continue clinics, dispensaries, hospitals, nature cure centers etc for providing timely and quality medical help to the poor and the needy in rural as well as urban areas.
  • To conduct free health check-ups medical camps, awareness programmes on AIDS and other deadly viruses and diseases to educate people.
  • To print and publish books, tracts, periodicals, and magazines to give awareness on the health and hygiene to people in different fields and areas.
  • To implement the medical schemes, aids, projects funded by the Government, Non-Government organizations and other organizations.
  • To develop teams and resources to be able to serve during the times of natural calamities and disasters.
  • To open, run and maintain the medical colleges and institutions, pharmacy institutions, medical and scientific laboratories to train and develop the students into qualified professionals and responsible individuals of the society.